How to save big at Walgreens

If you are new to drug store coupon savings you’ll need to take some time and learn the ropes, it gets easier and more exciting….:)  You can learn about how to get items for free and actually make money shopping. The following info is from my favorite drugstore site called i heart wags, she also has a site called i heart rite-aid and i heart cvs. We don’t have cvs in our area but just in case you do check it out!!!  I have the links at the bottom of this page.

Walgreen’s has a special Register Reward Program that helps you save in a big way. Here are some abbreviations you’ll need to refer to if you are new. After the abbreviations you’ll see more info on rr.

Walgreen’s acronyms and abbreviations:
B1G1 or BOGO = Buy one get one free
ESC = easy saver coupon
ESR = easy saver rebate
FAR = free after rebate
gc = gift card
HBA = Health & Beauty Aids
MFR = manufacturer
MIR = Mail In Rebate
OOP = Out Of Pocket
RP = red plum coupon insert from sunday newspaper
RR = register rewards
SS = smartsource coupon insert from sunday newspaper
V = Valassis (same as red plum) coupon insert
WYB = When You Buy
YMMV = your mileage might vary
♥ Register Rewards (RR) ♥
register rewards (RR) are coupons from the Catalina machine that print after you make a qualifying purchase. Most RRs are “On Your Next Order” (OYNO) which can be used like cash on your next order. (Sometimes you may receive a Catalina for $ off a particular item or an advertisement for an rr deal.)

♥ how can i get rr? ♥
buy the exact items advertised to receive rr. using coupons on these items should not affect whether your rr prints. unfortunately, it seems that a few stores have their registers programmed so that rr will not print if coupons are used – but if this is true, it is very rare.

If you complete more than one register rewards deal in one transaction, one reward for each different RR deal should print. but you will not receive more than one rr for the same deal.

if you purchased the right items and didn’t get rr, you can return the items on the spot or call the catalina company @ 888-322-3814. have your receipt in front of you, they need some info from it, and they’ll be able to see if the machine was working and if you bought the right products. It does tend to take a few minutes for the call, and then you have to wait to get the RR, which takes 6 – 8 weeks

♥ how can i use rr? ♥
generally, you can use your rr like cash on your next purchase. but of course there are exceptions.  Click on the source below for the rest of the fantastic info. I heart wags is my favorite go to for shopping Walgreen’s! After getting to her site scroll down and check out pictures she posted on the calendar that shows her purchases and the days she shopped.  Click on the photo and the link and it will show you details on how she shopped and what coupons and rr she used…. it is awesome!!!!  Thank you I heart Wags!!!!!check out i heart rite-aid and i heart cvs too!!!!

i heart wag’s for newbies

i heart cvs for newbies

I don’t see an i heart rite aid for newbies on her I heart rite aid site. Check out my other post on rite aid shopping for newbies.

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