Pampered Chef Chocolate Lava Cake

I hope you enjoy the following Pampered Chef Chocolate Lava Cake Recipe  recipe, it’s such a quick and easy one!! Another name for it is the Pampered Chef Molten Lava Cake.

I had a Pampered Chef Party about a month ago and the sweet demonstrator “Nancy” baked this cake…… everyone loved it!! It was amazing to see how simple and fast it was to make and bake. It cooks right in the microwave!

Here are the ingredients as follows:

1 Box of chocolate cake mix (mix according to directions)

eggs, oil, water.

1 can of Chocolate frosting

Stir together and pour above mixture into the Pampered Chef deep dish covered baker (amazing stoneware)!! Drop large spoonfuls of canned frosting over different areas of the batter(using approx half of the can). Cook covered approx 10 min in the microwave! Spread remaining frosting over warm cake. Serve with a scoop of ice cream! YUM!

To check out Nancy’s website and visit- PC outlet where you can get some great deals click oh the highlighted blue section! Once on the website (Look at the bottom of list, it says outlet specials…check out the new great deals!!)

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Pampered Chef Chocolate Lava Cake

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  1. says

    What a terrific and easy idea! I just love those Pampered Chef recipes, I’ve been to two parties hosted by a friend of mine and I helped her cook for both, and I was amazed at the easy and tasty recipes.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glenda says

    I went to a Pampered Chef party last night where this recipe was made. It is DELICIOUS! But I was wondering if it would be possible to make this recipe in a different kind of dish, or if it would still come out as good. I don’t have the Pampered Chef Covered Baking Dish.

  3. says

    Hi Glenda,
    I’ve never tried using a different dish, but my aunt has, and she said it didn’t come out the same. It wouldn’t hurt to try a covered dish, it would just have to be big enough so it doesn’t overflow.
    I don’t know if I wrote this earlier but it’s better if you DON’T use whipped frosting, get a can of regular.

  4. Rachel says

    I just cooked it but it seemed like the frosting just stayed between layers instead of cooking into the cake all as one thing. How could I have messed that up?

  5. Alex says

    Just went to a pampered chef party today had this cake A M A Z I N G ! Going to make it now.

  6. Nena says

    I made it in a deep covered white oval Pyrex and it turned out very well. We used milk chocolate frosting and devils food cake mix. We really enjoyed it!

  7. SaltZT says

    I just made the recipe in my pampered chef Deep Dish Baker only I used Apple pie filling on the bottom and caramel apple cake on top. My oven blew and this recipe was heaven sent :) I now have a smiling family which I enjoy to see. I wish smiles for you and yours! To the person that said the frosting didn’t mix in, it is not supposed to. The frosting on the bottom turns into a lava like mixture and you spoon it over top your cake :) Yummy to the max…..

  8. Sharon says

    I had a party and we made it in the stoneware fluted (bundt) pan. It worked very well and tasted awesome.

  9. Suzanne Prock says

    Hello, I am a new Pampered Chef Consultant. My upline told me about this crazy cake recipe.
    I thought she had lost her mind especially since I do everything from scratch. Well, I out the recipe to the test last night after my daughter got home from school. She wanted s cake and didn’t want to wait hours for me to make one from scratch. I pulled out the recipe for this cake from ny upline. I.made s cherry chip with cherry frosting per my daughters request.

    This cake was so delicious and so easy. My daughter and I stood st the microwave watching it bake. It was so much fun and so fast.

  10. Mary says

    Yes you can make this cake in the Round covered Baker, just use half of the prepared cake mix and half of the icing.


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