Grilled Chicken Provolone Sandwich



This sammy is inspired from a sandwich featured at Grumpy’s, a local lunch spot.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do…. it’s our new favorite!

2 half boneless chicken breast split so they aren’t as thick. (makes 4 sandwiches)- gives you 4 pieces

4 Kaiser buns

4 pieces of provolone cheese- mild

lettuce  leaf

tomato slices

banana peppers- mild, sliced

1 onion sliced

honey dijon mustard

6 slices of bacon chopped and cooked (or real bacon bits prepared in a pkg …He hee, like I cheated and did this time)

Slice onions and grill until soft along with bacon.

Cook chicken, we use a panini and cook closed 4 1/2 minutes…add cheese and slightly close lid and hold it at an angle just so the cheese melts.

Place all ingredients on a roll, slice and serve….YUM



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  1. Hi Rene,

    I haven’t been to Grumpys in a very long time but love that place. We should go there someday soon for lunch.

    Please don’t be discouraged about your blog. It takes a long time to get established. Your blog is great and you have the best information, just hang in there.


  2. Thanks LeAnn… you are a sweetie!!!
    Grumpys sounds fun, lets do it!!
    Love you girlfriend!!~

  3. This looks SO good with the provolone and the bacon! Of course, what WOULDN”T be good with provolone and bacon, seriously, thanks for the recipe!

  4. I’ve never been to Grumpy’s, but I’ve heard it’s really good! Thanks for sharing. This looks fabulous and I loooove provalone. I need to buy a panini press!

  5. Oh my goodness! Your pictures are yummy! This will be a perfect meal to make this week during this heat wave! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and I agree…what wouldn’t be good with provie and bacon :)

  7. That’s awesome….you must live in my area. Grumpys is a bit on the pricey side, and I rarely go downtown, but once in awile it’s a fun treat. ……Paninis are great, ours is kind of a pain to clean…but certain things like this make it worth the effort!!! :)

  8. Thank you, I hope you enjoy!! It is tasty for sure and I’m not even a fan of banana peppers

  9. Laura A. says:

    Rene, I just found your blog a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT!!!! I have already gone to Big Lots and purchased a garden stool and sprayed it a glossy chocolate brown. It turned out FABULOUS and only cost 20 buckaroos! I can’t get enough of your bargain insight and ideas. NOW it’s gotten even better… As I was sitting at work reading your blog, I realized if you lunched at Grumpy’s you must be from the Cleveland area!!! Could this be true? I work in downtown Cleveland and lived in Old Brooklyn for 11 yrs. I now live in Brunswick, OH. Please tell me you are local!! Keep up with your awesome blog please! :0)

  10. Thank you so much for the encouragement!! It thrills me to know I helped someone snag a garden stoll…it makes it all worth it!! seriously!!
    No, unfortunatly I don’t live in the Cleveland area. Wow,…..I didn’t know Grumpy’s was located all over Ohio. I do have to say, some people visit Clevand to see the Indians play (like my husband and son) and some people like me make the 2 hour trip to enjoy the Arhaus Outlet…Have you been????

  11. Laura A. says:

    Yes, I have been to the Arhaus Outlet! The one in Brooklyn correct on Brookpark Rd? The variety of product is ever changing there. Sometimes I have had great success and other times it has been a bust! The Grumpy’s Cafe I was thinking of is minutes away from Progressive Field in an area of C-town called Tremont. I had no idea there was more than one either.

  12. What a great post – I’m starving after reading it!!! Really great photos too!


  13. Thank you!! I love your name …ButterYum!!

  14. OK, I should NOT be looking at the Tasty Tuesday links before dinner! Your sandwich is making my tummy growl :-)

  15. You are funny…I love looking at all those tasty tuesday pics…they make a me crazy!!!