Home Depot – Deals

Today I was out and about and went to this store….


While I was there I noticed this all wood Adirondack Chair for …. that’s right $29.88!!!!

I walked around a bit more and found these drapery panels


On Clearance 50-75% off…. Not all Home Depot stores carry drapes…so if you are on the hunt …. I’d call first to see if they carry drapes and if they are clearanced out… Don’t want you to be upset at me if your store doesn’t have them and you make a very special trip,,,( side note…I noticed TJ Maxx had some cute drapes for $10.00.)

These beautiful orchids always catch my eye when I’m at Home Depot (Love Orchids) I think they would be so pretty for a wedding.

On my way home from the DIY store….I stopped at the local bakery and picked up a few little pecan rolls.

Guess what I am doing right now?? You’re right, I’m eating one of those pecan dandy’s …they are especially good nuked and topped with a little butter:)

But, shhh don’t tell my husband, cuz we’re on a diets… :)

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  1. Dancy says

    OMG! $30bucks for Adirondack Chairs?!? I might have to call around to a couple stores near me to see if they have them too. It’d be a great present for my parents!