Really, Really, likey …ok lovey Bemz slipcovers!

Bemzis  a Sweden-based company that sells washable slipcovers online. The loose fit country style are constructed from a beautiful pre-washed Belgium linen. They are made to fit the most popular models of IKEA chairs and sofas. Check them out, aren’t they beautiful!! They are 10% off right now.

Nikkala Loose Fit $464

so this dining chair reminds me of the chair I have except green…I’m thinking about bleaching them  (that’s scary)..

Be sure and check out more of their Ikea slips here.

Henriksdal $122.00

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  1. Dancy says

    Slipcovers are so expensive… I hit up Slipcoversbymail when they’re on sale. LOL

  2. says

    I likey those too!!! Makes me wish I still had my IKEA chairs. Where do you find all this info girl???


  3. says

    Hi Rene’!
    Thanks for the post! And the comment on our blog. Glad you like our new Loose Fit – Country style. We are really excited about it too and have had lots of positive feedback.
    As far as the price is concerned – I just wanted to provide a few background details to explain why the price is where it is. If we take these new fabrics as an example: they are made from a very exclusive 100% Belgian linen; they are pre-washed to deal with shrinkage; the fabric is cut by hand; the pleats are sewn by hand; and, we’ve added other design details like armrest covers and bows rather than zips to ensure we properly emulate that rustic chic look we were after. All that and each and every slipcover made is sewn to order to custom fit the sofa / chair for which it is destined. This is mass customization not mass production, and it shows in the end product.
    So yes, you may be able to find cheaper slipcovers elsewhere but I doubt they will be made from this very high quality textiles, machine washable AND custom made-to-measure to fit your Ikea sofa/chair.
    Also, the 100% linen textiles are our dearest of the entire range. Have a look at our other fabrics, like the 100% Panama cottons or even Basiq for more economical textiles that won’t sacrifice on the details or craftmanship. Hope this helps.
    Thanks again for the coverage!
    Christie at Bemz

  4. says

    Thank you Christie for sharing your price point explanation. I can’t imagine how beautiful these slips are in person, the craftsmenship sounds impeccable! If I had Ikea furniture I would save up and treat myself to these beauties!! Better yet, I might have to buy some Ikea pieces so I can do just that!!

  5. says

    love those slips and their entire decor with white walls and all! someone mentioned how expensive they were…I have a slipcover ebook over on my blog that gives a detailed tutorial on how to make a custom slipcover. Hop on over! love your blog!

  6. says

    Thank you for stopping by…. I love your blog too….. I visited a few times, your slips are amazing!! I’d love to snag that ebook sometime…I’m sure it’s loaded with awesome details. To bad we didn’t live closer, I’d love to have you over for a group lesson…