Pioneer Woman: free high resolution photos

Did you know you could get free high resolution photo’s from Pioneer woman ??????

Love her!!

Just looking at her beautiful photos makes my mind wonder and think…. hmmm what would life be like living on a ranch….so different from what I’m use to, that’s for sure…..check out her beautiful down loads here..

Just look at those adorable faces on these photos!!!

This one cute, but kind of in a scary way.

Grilled Chicken Provolone Sandwich



This sammy is inspired from a sandwich featured at Grumpy’s, a local lunch spot.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do…. it’s our new favorite!

2 half boneless chicken breast split so they aren’t as thick. (makes 4 sandwiches)- gives you 4 pieces

4 Kaiser buns

4 pieces of provolone cheese- mild

lettuce  leaf

tomato slices

banana peppers- mild, sliced

1 onion sliced

honey dijon mustard

6 slices of bacon chopped and cooked (or real bacon bits prepared in a pkg …He hee, like I cheated and did this time)

Slice onions and grill until soft along with bacon.

Cook chicken, we use a panini and cook closed 4 1/2 minutes…add cheese and slightly close lid and hold it at an angle just so the cheese melts.

Place all ingredients on a roll, slice and serve….YUM



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Monday Coupon Matchups 5/24

Happy Monday!!!

Here are some coupon matchups links for this week… Hope it saves you some$$

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Thanks Stretching a buck!

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Thanks I heart wags!

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Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady!

Free Printable Card Download!!

I get so excited when I see freebies!!! I saw this free downloadable card via Creature comforts blog….it’s from Hey Susy and just had to share!!!! It’s such a cutie!!

Click on Hey Susy to go to her site…check out her other freebie downloads while you are there.:) Thanks Susy!!

Busy day!!!

So today is such a busy day, but I’m stopping to write a quick note to the lovely people who stop by to visit my little space……..I’ll be on later to do Monday coupon Match ups  and post a Tuesday Tasty Treat!!! I’m off to help my mom for a bit…. Hope your day is full of sunshine!!! xo

Stella and Dot:just beautiful!


Loving this collection by Stella and Dot,

 not because I think it’s a bargain… but just because I think it’s soo pretty and kind of reminds me of something I’d wear on holiday vacation!!!

Side note:

I was thinking about making my blog private for a couple of reasons….. I’m unorganized with my blogging time and I think I’m on here a bit to often. If I can figure this out and become more disiplined I’ll be fine. 

I recently read an artical where someone described how they blog in bulk. I might be better off to do that and pre schedule my posts, it might  free up my time a bit. I’ll pray about it and decide what to do….  Happy weekend to everyone!






Arhaus tour

Do you have a favorite store that you love to visit? A store that gets you kind of excited because you never know what you’ll find?? One of my favorites is Arhaus. I don’t go there bargain hunting, thinking I’m going to find some great deal. I go there because I enjoy their set displays and their painting ideas….. Wanna take a little trip around the store with me and see all the fun stuff?… What’s that you say??? You do…OK Awesome!

Look at the cool way they wrapped this ribbon and shell around an open book… why is that cool to me…I don’t know, it just is….maybe because it’s coastal or maybe because it’s just a great idea for a giant sea inspired book marker :)

more books held open with shells and ribbon.

After you’ve finished reading…wrap your book closed with a shell and ribbon…. I’m so going to wrap all the books on my shelfs with grocery bags like I did in Highschool!!!

Check out this awesome light….how easy would that be to make.  The cool thing about it is….it’s like a pot rack only different. It’s a silverware rack. I think I’d do it with useable goods, that way when little Johnney needs a fork and they’re all dirty, he just snatches one from the light!! Now that’s what I call form and function….. moving right along….

another cool light… see the pillow on the couch…I bought that.

Here it is closer, isn’t it cute. I’m not following my own quote “rule” about not going overboard with a theme.  I think my husband thinks I’m going cuckoo for birds and owls. I’ve been making birdseed ornaments and hanging birdfeeders around the yard. Plus, I have bird themes around the house and on my blog. I know how to fix myself, all I have to do is watch the old Alfred Hitchcock  movie “The Birds.” I do have to say it isn’t as scary as it use to be, I showed it to my son and I think he thought it was laughable. (Only the over 40 crowd would even know what that movie is)


Did I mention they have cute table displays???


I love the way they used the handle of the cup as a napkin ring


Terrariums in all shapes and sizes. I remember my mom having a big huge glass bubble terrarium on our coffee table when I was growing up… Wow, everything old is new again, I wish I could say that about myself :)

Cute painted containers in all shapes and sizes. Note- see the corrigated paper on the wall and the post I did about it here….

Last but not least, interesting wall ideas. Look at the botanical prints they used as wall paper. You could do an easy DIY wall similar, just by going to this post and printing botanicals for free or by buying a book like this from Amazon. (Note how large the pages are)

free Martha Stewart Cookbook!


Tis the season for grilling and here’s a FREE Martha Stewart Cookbook loaded with special grilling recipes!! Enjoy!!

Download Here.

Thanks! Common Sense with Money

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