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So today is such a busy day, but I’m stopping to write a quick note to the lovely people who stop by to visit my little space……..I’ll be on later to do Monday coupon Match ups  and post a Tuesday Tasty Treat!!! I’m off to help my mom for a bit…. Hope your day is full of sunshine!!! xo

Stella and Dot:just beautiful!


Loving this collection by Stella and Dot,

 not because I think it’s a bargain… but just because I think it’s soo pretty and kind of reminds me of something I’d wear on holiday vacation!!!

Side note:

I was thinking about making my blog private for a couple of reasons….. I’m unorganized with my blogging time and I think I’m on here a bit to often. If I can figure this out and become more disiplined I’ll be fine. 

I recently read an artical where someone described how they blog in bulk. I might be better off to do that and pre schedule my posts, it might  free up my time a bit. I’ll pray about it and decide what to do….  Happy weekend to everyone!






Arhaus tour

Do you have a favorite store that you love to visit? A store that gets you kind of excited because you never know what you’ll find?? One of my favorites is Arhaus. I don’t go there bargain hunting, thinking I’m going to find some great deal. I go there because I enjoy their set displays and their painting ideas….. Wanna take a little trip around the store with me and see all the fun stuff?… What’s that you say??? You do…OK Awesome!

Look at the cool way they wrapped this ribbon and shell around an open book… why is that cool to me…I don’t know, it just is….maybe because it’s coastal or maybe because it’s just a great idea for a giant sea inspired book marker :)

more books held open with shells and ribbon.

After you’ve finished reading…wrap your book closed with a shell and ribbon…. I’m so going to wrap all the books on my shelfs with grocery bags like I did in Highschool!!!

Check out this awesome light….how easy would that be to make.  The cool thing about it is….it’s like a pot rack only different. It’s a silverware rack. I think I’d do it with useable goods, that way when little Johnney needs a fork and they’re all dirty, he just snatches one from the light!! Now that’s what I call form and function….. moving right along….

another cool light… see the pillow on the couch…I bought that.

Here it is closer, isn’t it cute. I’m not following my own quote “rule” about not going overboard with a theme.  I think my husband thinks I’m going cuckoo for birds and owls. I’ve been making birdseed ornaments and hanging birdfeeders around the yard. Plus, I have bird themes around the house and on my blog. I know how to fix myself, all I have to do is watch the old Alfred Hitchcock  movie “The Birds.” I do have to say it isn’t as scary as it use to be, I showed it to my son and I think he thought it was laughable. (Only the over 40 crowd would even know what that movie is)


Did I mention they have cute table displays???


I love the way they used the handle of the cup as a napkin ring


Terrariums in all shapes and sizes. I remember my mom having a big huge glass bubble terrarium on our coffee table when I was growing up… Wow, everything old is new again, I wish I could say that about myself :)

Cute painted containers in all shapes and sizes. Note- see the corrigated paper on the wall and the post I did about it here….

Last but not least, interesting wall ideas. Look at the botanical prints they used as wall paper. You could do an easy DIY wall similar, just by going to this post and printing botanicals for free or by buying a book like this from Amazon. (Note how large the pages are)

free Martha Stewart Cookbook!


Tis the season for grilling and here’s a FREE Martha Stewart Cookbook loaded with special grilling recipes!! Enjoy!!

Download Here.

Thanks! Common Sense with Money

DIY Wedding – Sherry & John – Young house Love


Today I’m sharing a segment from the beautiful wedding of Sherry and John, the gifted writers and designers of Young House Love!!!

I fell hard for their home design blog, but even harder for their wedding!!!  Their fantastic sense of style shows throughout every inch of their event, with Diy projects galore!!!


From the moment you arrive at their celebration you feel warmly welcomed by their hand painted sign!

Isn’t this backyard charming and perfect for a 75 person celebration, it’s beautiful and it’s free!

backyard wedding


Their awesome sense of style continues with their simple yet elegant table setting. The tablecloths they used were white muslin, and were accented by a textured yellow fabric runners, both of which were purchased from a fabric store. The choice to use real plates, stemware, and silverware gave the whole event that casual elegant feel. The glasses were purchased at Ikea and all the silverware was purchased from Sam’s Club. The beautiful thing about purchasing items, as apposed to renting, is they were able to give things away to charity and write it off!! How cool is that!!

diy backyard wedding


The decision to use fruit was a huge savings and also made for a quick and stress free DIY centerpiece.  The glass cylinder that held the fruit was only $3.99 from Michael’s, and they even scored on some cute lemon lime napkins from Target. They didn’t stop there, to compliment the table perfectly,  they used charming drink containers. (One of my favorite DIY picks)

 Thank you John and Sherry for sharing your beautiful wedding with us, and for all your DIY awesomeness!!!

Look for many more details about the food, favors, and fun… plus, the cost breakdown of their entire event (all for under $4,000.00).. … here at Young House Love… Now get on over there, you don’t want to miss a thing!!! Oh, and don’t forget to congratulate them on the birth of their little baby girl!!!

Dry Erase Board Paint

How cool is this concept from Idea Paint.   Turn any smooth surface into a dry erase board!!! Get the how to here.

Just think of the endless possibilies, you can doodle and write on anything, and just wipe it off with a dry cloth. It comes in several different colors.

Check out the example from this cute cafe. LOVE IT!!!

How about your kids room, they would have so much fun!!

What about an office, wouldn’t Idea Paint be so awesome?? Doesn’t that look like a fun place to work??? I love the ball!!

Thanks, Remodelista

Glamorized Water




I’m trying to cut out the sweets :) Bummer… So…. this week I’m sharing a dietish kind of drink I made, it was inspired by Southern Living called glamorized water.

I have to admit this isn’t packed with a lot of flavor, but it’s so pretty!!! Try it for your next party, your friends will love it!!

It is so easy,you just need the following ingredients:… Continue Reading …

Spray Paint a box from Drab to Fab…





How to take an ordinary white box from…..Drab to Fab…… This idea can be used in so many applications…I wish I had pics from over the years…example: fabric, lampshades, furniture, vases… endless

Here’s the low down….


Step 1:

Grab a plain white shirt box or any white box you have stuffed in your gift wrap area.

Step 2.

Find a can of left over spray paint from a project.

Step 3.

Here’s where it gets tricky ….lol jk….  snatch a portion of a branch or flower with leaves on it from a tree, bush, or indoor plant. Pick something hardy,and a type that will lay flat, you may have to remove a few leaves to make that happen. Here’s what I picked, but it can be anything, a fern works well.  Note: In the pic you see a ruler, don’t use one, it was a bad idea. Trust me you don’t want  the outline of a ruler on your box. I don’t know what I was thinking, but thankfully it was an easy fix.

Step 4

Lay your little branch down on the box and spray over the leaves on the box. Hope that a gust of wind doesn’t blow your project over like it did mine…..

When you remove the branch it looks like this:

Step 5

Continue doing this whole process all over the box, don’t worry about over lapping in some areas, it makes it look pretty. Tip: don’t go to heavy on the paint.

Step 6

It’s finished…. !!!  I’m showing the same box with 3 different ribbons…:) What do you think?





I’m linking to:  you’re so crafty, just something I whipped up. making the world cuter Monday, a soft place to land, Thrifty decor chick


Snagged another garden stool…am I obsessed?

Pics from Meijer’s, Big Lots

Garden stool on sale at Meijers- 23.99 looks gray below, but a truer color is in the photo next to my sectional. Cute!

Again, much better than the PB price.



Big Lots end tables…

Mirrored vanity…this really suprised me :) seriously at Big Lots??? Really it’s pretty cool for that bathroom glam look.

$299.00 with the marble top and sink included!!!!… compare that to this Horchow one for $1,649.00

Vera Bradley Sale 50-70 % off while supplies last!!

Here’s a sale for everyone who wasn’t able  go to Indiana for the warehouse sale!!! I wasn’t able to go, but a sweet friend made the trip, and picked up a few things for me while she was there.. :)


Check out the over 250 new markdowns…Last chance to save while supplies last!!!  I just snagged a few things….. a lot of colors are gone, but be patient and click around you just might be surprised what you find.  Go to the sale area. The sale items are shown, after you click on the item go toward the bottom and a color selection will be available for the sale item. Click on one of the sale colors and the sale price will appear. Click on every color, some will say unavailable on line…I’m assuming those are the sold out ones….click until you find one that doesn’t say unavailable.

Monday coupon matchups

Happy Monday :)  Here are a few matchups this week

GIANT EAGLE click here

TARGET click here

WALGREENS click here

RITE AID click here

Pretty flower pictures from our yard!


              I am so blessed to have blooming flowers in the yard. The amazing part is, I didn’t even plant them myself…they came with the house!!


                                               This is the day that the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it!!!

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