Organizing your food storage

My canned goods organizational boxes arrived in the mail yesterday!!


I was kind of excited to bust into those boxes and start fashioning an organized pantry similar to the one above:) jk my won’t look quite like that :) I only wish!

 The box construction wasn’t to difficult to figure out. At first I did a few things wrong but then I figured out how to do it right. I like puzzels and that’s what it reminded me of.

Here’s one put together.  It’s a thing of beauty!!!

 It works like a charm…you put your can in the top and it rolls down to the bottom. This is the 10 x11 x 5 inch size.

I have 6- 14.5 oz cans inside the container below, but I think it will hold 7.

 I like how easy the containers are to move around, even when they are full of cans. It gives you the opportunity to rearrange the way you have them positioned.


So pretty much in a short time, I went from something like this….


To something like this…..


I realized that  this is a project that takes some time. Not so much with the box construction, that isn’t so hard after you get the hang of it. I just forgot the part about taking out my can goods and basically reorganizing my whole kitchen/ pantry. To be honest, I should say to myself ….never do organizational projects alone… especially if you’re me. Because, although I really really enjoy looking at an organized space, I’m not so good at staying motivated in the completion area..  I confess I only finished 3 boxes today. I guess you can say it’s a baby step…but it’s progress :)

If you’re interested in checking out the baby steps program I’m participating in…. stop in on the weekends as I give updates on my progress. If you are interested in long term food storage and understanding the ins and outs of it… sign up HERE for the Baby Steps program hosted and taught by two sisters Julie and Jodi.

The first step is shelving and storage containers like the boxes shown above or click here for a diagram that shows you how to make your own can rotating rack.  Here’s a creative idea shared on the following youtube video that is great for smaller spaces.

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  1. says

    That looks great! I have to admit that I did not make or buy any storage containers like that. I am fortunate to have a fairly large pantry with shelves large enough to line up 5 cans front to back and another layer of cans on top the first layer. Of course, your boxes make it much easier to pull out the oldest — I have to reach to the back and then shove everything. I was also able to reorganize a linen closet (getting rid of thousands of mangy bath towels) and freed up an entire shelf to put in an emergency “center” (power outage type food, flashlights, hand operated radio, etc.) which before had been scattered in various drawers and cabinets.


  2. says

    Your pantry sounds wonderful and I love how you created your emergency center. I’m still working on mine and hope to have it done this week along with a few 72 hr kits.

  3. Luella says

    Where did you order the nice “rotating can” boxes? I must have missed the link. Thank You !