Blogger Award and my top 12 go to sites.

I was recently given another one of the Stylish Blogger Awards!!!  I am sooo bad at following through with the rules. Weird, because I never like to break rules!  Remember back when my friend Jeanette gave me one. Well, a new follow bloggett Rosanna from Bargain Corner Designs surprised me with this last week! Thank you Rosanna… be sure and check out her blog. She has some great link ups, give-aways and ideas!



 **There are some rules that go along with this,  but  Don’t feel obligated…just know if you get a message about this …I was thinking about you and I think you are pretty amazing!:) If you want to you can copy and paste it somewhere special as a reminder :)

1. You have to thank the person who awarded you & Link them back in your post

2. Tell everyone 7 random facts about yourself

3. Pass the award on to 12 other people ( I picked catagories but you can pick people for what ever reason)This was really hard to figure out….because I didn’t know how to go about picking certain blogs over other blogs….. so I picked catagories. I know they are all big names and get a bizillion awards but I thought I would pick them just in case you are interested.  I appreciate all my blog followers so much so I want to send this to all of you :)

4. Contact each blogger and let them know you’ve passed the award on to them, & let the “giver” know you accept the award.

The rule says I need to share 7 random facts about myself….   hmmmm…

!. I have an order in my life that sometimes gets out of balance….. 1. God first 2. My husband second 3. My kids 3rd 4. family and blogging someplace after that…. etc.

2. For over 40 years my mom has baked a German Chocolate cake for my birthday :)  Thanks Mom!!

3. Something that really bothers me:  people who don’t except responsibility for their own actions. This quality is great to learn at a young age and teach to your children. They will be much more respected and loved throughout life. Trust me it is not a weakness, it reveals true character! Because humility isn’t a sign of weakness, but Meekness. You know what the bible says…the meek shall inherit the earth! So hug someone you love today and admit when you are wrong…even if it’s  to your child :)

4. My favorite color is green even though 80 percent of my wardrobe is black and gray hmmm.

5. I don’t like watching sad movies

6. My favorite pie is pumpkin

7. I accidentallycaught my husbands hair on fire about 12 years ago when I was lightening it with peroxide and blowing it dry. Evidently the heat from the dryer and the strength of the peroxide were to much and his head started smoking like a chimney on top. It was kind of scary at first and thankfully nothing bad happened besides hair-loss…which is bad but I mean there wasn’t scaring or permanent damage. It is one of those things that we can laugh at now…you know those kind of stories :)! PS and oh, it burned a patch about the size of a half dollar. Trust me he was not a happy camper!!

Here is a list of my top go to sites: 

1.Decorator blog: The Nester

2. cooking blog: Pioneer Woman

3.favorite haul video bloggers for the young at heart :): Blair Fowler and her sister Elle

4.favorite card maker: K warner designs

5.favorite doggie blog and show: the daily wag and chew it over with Francesca and sharkey

6.favorite make up artist blog: Michelle Phan

7.Favorite wedding blog: my green wedding shoes

8.Cook book author: Ina Garderer

9.Favorite saving site: It’s Hip to Save

10.favorite buy it for less: copy cat chic

11.cutest blogging couple award: Tie vote: Young  house Love and  Kevin and Layla Palmer

12. favorite inspirational site: Susie Davis-the good news girl!

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