Path to wellness: from RA pt. 2

If you are interested in my last post on Rheumatoid Arthritis click the highlighted name. I seriously hope this helps someone. That is the only reason I am talking about this. Most people probably don’t even know what RA is. I never did until it happened to me.  This isn’t some kind of endorsement for the nutritionist I’m going to other then to share how she has helped me ……in hopes that maybe she can help you ….or someone you know. .

Today I thought I would share a little more about the  path to wellness from RA that Karen laid out for me:

I guess I’ll start with my NO list…… Oh, this was also given to me for weight loss purposes as well.  I don’t know how it changes once that is achieved. As of now, it hasn’t changed even though I’ve reached the weight she wants me at.  I just increase nuts to sustain the weight

Ready :)… goes The NO’s: Remember all these things stimulate the adrenals, which is what I’m trying to heal with God’s help.. Seriously, I can’t say no to these things on my own, at least I haven’t been able to the past 17 years up until now.


Natural Sweeteners

Artificial and natural sweeteners …yes that includes xylitol, agave, stevia etc.

Sweetened beverages


Fruit juice




Fragrances or perfumes

Saturated Fats


Tea of any kind


No formal exercise

I’m not suggesting this diet for anyone else, you need to consult Karen for your specifics :)

FYI…I also have other issues like Thyroid, heart palpitations, environmental sensitivities and tons of food allergies.

I don’t know about the plans she gives other people but this is the one she gave me.

Good news side note!! My thyroid has improved greatly. I was on 4 grain now I’m on a quarter of 1 grain.

DO List:

Palm size protein 3 times a day

vegetable 3 times a day

legumes 3 times a day

3/4 gal water-purified

sleep 8 hrs  rest

1 -1/2 c. lightly salted nuts



As of February 2013, I am off all of my inflammatory meds. and don’t take anything for pain.

I still have some inflammation in my hands but that was there even when I took the meds.

I am focusing on eliminating food intolerance’s and other intolerance’s….enviro and chemical.

I think those are the biggest issues right now. Plus, leaky gut. I still have a ton of different food

allergies ( they are actually called intolerance’s not “true” allergies) I still take a small amount

of thyroid med and something for rapid heart rate. I will write more when I have time.

Thank you Lord for helping me each step of the way.



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  1. says

    My stepmom was diagnosed with RA about a year ago and has been going through lots of crazy treatments and is in a lot of pain most days. I’m just trying to learn what I can for her. I’m going to send your articles to her. Thanks!

  2. says

    I wish I knew if there was a way to tell if the diet is working while taking disease-modifying drugs. Last time I went off meds, things went downhill fast. Think I will buy the book, though.

  3. says

    Good idea to just buy the book and check it out. I’m not sure how you can tell if it is working with the drugs. Might be worth it to read the book and talk to her at least once on the phone.