DIY Canopy Bed made from curtain rods : very cool!

I love this DIY canopy bed made from curtain rods and drapes. Remodelista had it listed on their blog and I think it’s a fantastic example of an easy and elegant way to make this style of  bed for less. When I was little I always wanted a canopy bed. My aunt had one and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

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  1. Kelly says

    It IS gorgeous! I always wanted a conopy bed too. I never got one. I guess when I was little there weren’t all of the creative, easy and inexpensive ideas out there. Our parents just looked at the prices in the stores and thought…”no way”. (they would have had to buy 3 of them:) I think if things like this had been around then I would have had one!

  2. yvonne says

    Rene That white dog looks like my dog when he was young. He is 15, I am going to make that bed, have to get more info on the type rods to do it.
    You have a fun and interesting post..


  3. Tanya Johnson says

    I’d like to be part of the mailing list when new ideas come out.

    Thank you.

  4. Anonymous says

    Loving this look in a big way! I like the idea of only putting minimal holes in the ceiling as opposed to using a track as this is to be placed in a rental. Have pulled up various photos on posts for this so I get the general concept, but have yet to find how to actually successfully execute the look. What are the brackets used for at the ends of the beds that makes the corner angle to hold the rods? Where can they be found? I’ve Googled ‘multi return brackets’, ‘ceiling mount rod brackets’ and etc… but haven’t found quite the right thing yet. What am I missing here? Any suggestions?? Many thanks!

  5. Anonymous says

    I see a trip to Lowes/Home Depot in my future. The above picture just looks so clean and polished, guess it’s time to test my DIY chops. Thanks!

  6. Holly says


    You may purchase corner connectors at the local home improvement store. I know that Lowe’s Allen + Roth line has some wood ones. Use four corner connectors with rods of the appropriate length. I believe they work with both wooden rods as well as metal rods and you can connect rods to achieve the appropriate length. Theirs screw together. Attach the rods to the ceiling using mounting brackets. Allen + Roth has those too. They do have some that are T-shape with a ring on one end that would be perfect for mounting rods to the ceiling. Use toggle bolts if you are mounting into drywall. The spring loaded toggle is what keeps the bolt from pulling back through the drywall.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I had seen this a few days ago while searching for bedroom paint colors on another website and loved the idea. Thanks to all of you for keeping the idea rolling and soon it will be a wonderful feature in my master bedroom.

    Good luck!


  7. Janet Ivory says

    I came upon your website looking for a diy suspended canopy for my bed. I always wanted to try and make one using pvc pipe as a curtain frame and then suspending the frame by wire to the ceiling. I still plan to use the pvc pipe as the frame even though your site has suggested using curtain rods. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m glad I happened upon the site it has given me alot of other great ideas. Thank you!