Quick and easy way to wrap a birthday gift


I’m delighted to welcome Cayce from Just a Curl as our guest today!!

I’m loving her idea for a quick and easy way to wrap a birthday present.

       Hello, fellow bargain lovers!  Many thanks to Rene for allowing me to do a guest post here on Bargain Hoot.

Recently BigBoy had a birthday party to attend. I had a boxed Lego set to give as a present, but the only wrapping paper I had on hand was way too girly for a boy’s 6th birthday.
Instead of buying new paper, I decided to use some of the brown shipping paper I had for my etsy orders.

Who doesn’t like getting packages in the mail?!

This was a super-easy project. I just wrapped the box as normal, whipped out a black sharpie, a red marker, and a random sticker BigBoy got to choose.
If I hadn’t been lazy I would have used some twine I had on hand to tie around the box, but I thought it was fine as-is. Especially since the birthday party started in 30 minutes. :)

The awesome thing is…there’s not even a need for a card because the names are written directly on the paper. Let’s face it, kids never care about the cards anyway!

So there you go, a creative, easy, and convenient way to package (sorry, pun intended) a birthday present!

Thank you so much Cayce… I love that idea and I’m sure the birthday boy loved it too!! Be sure and visit Cayce’s blog and also her Etsy shop Just a Curl! She has a lot of great vintage finds and the good news is….she’s offering a 15% discount to all the Bargain Hoot readers!!! How sweet is that!!!  Just enter  HOOT15 at the checkout.

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  1. says

    What a great idea! I only buy wrapping paper for Christmas….for birthdays I very rarely buy it because I never want to waste the money on something that’s just going to get crumpled and thrown in the trash. This looks so cute and I’ll bet I could get the same look using a brown paper bag (depending on the size of the gift, of course.)

  2. sweet european dreams says

    My kids would absolutely love this! And I especially love it as I won’t be rummaging through the closest for a used/smashed gift bag at the last minute! Adorable! -diane

  3. melissa c says

    What an awesome idea for wrapping a gift!! Girl or boy, doesn’t matter! Thanks for the great idea :)

  4. says

    Awesome. What a great idea. I was surprised. A gift wrapping in to a paper. Here, we spend less money and time for preparing a presentation. And more over everyone like this special birthday gift. This type of presentation is very precious.

    Thanks for your idea.