How to stop the spinning pinwheel on a Mac

I’m still adjusting to the new Mac computer. I was working on it today and
realized my screen was frozen. The only thing moving was a spinning pinwheel.
I was stuck.
I tried a few different things and finally found the information listed below fixed it!.

1. power down the Mac,
2. power it up while holding down t; which evidently puts it into target mode.
3.After that, wait about a minute
4 power it down again, and then power it up…


What do you do to stop the spinning wheel?

I’d like some backup advice in case this doesn’t work next time.

PS. Simply… Turning it off and restarting it didn’t work.

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  1. says

    I have a new Mac Pro myself — got it about a month ago. I’ve never had the spinning rainbow wheel go on and on and freeze. How frustrating that would be.

    I am fortunate enough to have and Apple Store (complete with Genius Bar and One to One Special Projects help) to run to whenever I need help. They worked on my long out of warranty 5 year old MacBook for several weeks before concluding the prognosis was not good — all at no charge! I’ve taken my new one in a few times to get help with playing a dvd that didn’t seem to be working, for help in syncing my email accounts with Mail, and to clean off some residue that inexplicably was on my case.

    But I guess none of this really helps you. Do you have a store near somewhere? Or maybe you can just call Apple Care about it. I would want to get to the root of WHY the computer is freezing — that is very “not” apple!

  2. melissa c says

    We call it “The Pinwheel of Death” when it goes on and on and on! I usually just hold the power button until the computer shuts itself down. Usually works when I power it up again. I’d be interested to see what others do.