Carmel apple bites! idea 21

Love the idea of making carmel apple bites. Cute little treats to serve this time of year!

 Thanks, Try it mom!

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  1. says

    I’ve been planning to do this at my baby shower! Full caramel apples are a bit much, but it doesn’t feel like fall without them! These are the perfect size, and will be cute sprinkled with chopped nuts or colored sprinkles. :)

  2. says

    I made candied Apples last year, lots of work and the Kids don’t trick or treat
    around here. This I can make for myself, looks great.. yvonne

  3. says

    Hi Ange,
    Click on the “Try it mom” link. You can read about how Kim made them and the comments about using carmel apple squares….
    The ones in the photo were made from a carmel apple kit. I hope that helps …have a great day!

  4. says

    Love this idea however in execution they didn’t work well for me. The caramel slides right off of the “wet” part of the cut apple. All of the carmel stayed stuck to the wax paper and I had just the apple on the toothpick. Any insight to how to not have this happen?

  5. Heather says

    Loved this idea. Made them for my kid Halloween party and they were super. This is what I did… First I’m a fan of caramel made from boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk. So used that. Scooped it all into my handy zip lock baggy. Cut my apple pieces and put one each into a platter lined with the mini muffin cup papers. Stuck each apple with a toothpick. Then cut a hole in the corner of my baggie and squeezed a dribble of caramel onto each apple bite. Most stayed on apple because it wasn’t drippy. It’s just the right amount for a taste! Thx!