Craft Club:: Sew Fun!!

We had a lot of fun making pumpkins last night at craft time!!!

I was so thankful to all the ladies for coming out and finding time away from

busy schedules. 

If I said nice stem once… I said it a hundred times!!! It seems

to be all about the stem for me.

I have stem issues…

We joked, we sewed and we stuffed until we were full!!

Tons of adorable pumpkins were made in just a few hours.

Can’t wait to get together for the next craft club…we’re making wreaths and tall thin trees.

I’m thinking about doing two different craft times before Christmas.

[One for trees and one for wreaths]

Email me if you are interested or call.

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  1. Desi says

    Wow! how pretty, and yes, the stems definitely make the pumpkins. 😉
    I would love to know more about these classes.

  2. says

    Desi, the craft club is a local meet up. I was going to do an online club, but didn’t see an interest.
    If you would like to join us from where you live I can send you craft directions.