Coat hanger bulb wreath:: tutorial



christmas bulb wreath


When I spotted the coat hanger bulb wreaths last year over at Eddie Ross’ blog …I fell in love.

I knew I wanted to try to made one this Christmas. It looked so easy!!

First I went out and got some shatterproof bulbs from Hobby Lobby. Appox 80…

It takes  a lot of bulbs! The cost is about $15 when you buy them at 50 off….

I bought assorted large, medium and small bulbs….plus I addedin a few pine-cone bulbs in a few places

where the coat hanger was visible. I just hot glued those on at the very end.

First round out your wire coat hanger and un- hook it at the top..

Next add some hot glue around the caps so they don’t pop off.

Start feeding your bulbs on the hanger and alternate the sizes.

Keep spinning them around so they fill in the blank spots. Guide them all the way around to the other side of the hanger and keep feeding them on. If you keep spinning them you’ll be able to get many more on.

I’m still working on the red bulb wreath in the tutorial, but you can see the gold one I did in the first photo.

If you’ve never made one….. I hope you give it a try. There are a ton more examples over at Eddie Ross.

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  1. says

    I love this idea and can’t wait to make one of these wreaths this year. I’m not a crafter by any means, but I think I could make this. I don’t have a hot glue gun – do I really need to do that step?

  2. says

    Hi Sarah, The main reason for the hotglue is so the bulbs don’t pop off as your turning and moving them. I had some pop can try it without that step, just make sure you’re not using glass bulbs and be really careful.

  3. Poppy says

    Very nice … They look elegant and the possibilities with this project would seem endless! And I like your idea of pine cones as a filler … They look very natural :) Nice Job … Thanks for sharing and I look forward to experimenting with different mediums to coordinate with each holiday!

  4. Poppy says

    Oh, I forgot to mentioned that your natural colored coffee filter wreath is breathtaking! My next immediate project!!! I LOVE it!!! (And I can tell by your work that you give extra attention to detail and craft with precision and TLC …. Something I appreciate!)

  5. says

    Hi Poppy, Thank you for your kind remarks regarding the wreaths. I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did.
    I like your idea of using different mediums to coordinate them with different holidays.