Peppermint trays and heart shaped cut outs from melted mint candies

I’ve been eyeing the beautiful peppermint trays I saw on Pinterest

made by Tutto Bella and decided to give them a try….

Warning… They aren’t as easy as they look.

I think it all comes down to the candy manufacture and the proper oven temp…

but I’m still trying to perfect the process.

 Here’s what I’ve done so far……

1 Peppermint tray and a few heart cut outs along with some stuff that ended up in the trash!!.

peppermint candy trays


Peppermint candy Tray

First… I unwrapped the Starlight mints and laid them on pan dusted with cornstarch.

Then I baked them at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes.

Lesson learned….put a thicker layer of corn starch than what I show here….

 The only two salvaged pieces from that batch are the two hearts shown above….

everything else stuck and cracked…. :(

Here’s another batch of heart shaped cutouts. This time I made little holes toward

 the top so I could hang them like ornaments.


Below I made a small tray and used a pizza wheel to trim off the edges.

peppermint candy tray


I plan to make a bigger tray and use a round pizza pan with sides.

Here’s what I read works and what I found doesn’t:  I read that parchment paper works really

well and so does a Silpat.

I tried wax paper, but it stuck and smoked.

I used Brach’s candy and they didn’t work well at all!!

So far I like the candies from Kroger the best.. I plan to try the ones from GFS- Gordon Food Service…

they might be the winner…..

PS. for more tips and advice go to Tutta Bella’s blog.

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  1. oh my goodness these are so nifty! pinning this!!

  2. Thank you Melodee!!!

  3. I love you creativity with the hearts! Thank you for taking the project to another level! Love it!

  4. Jodi,
    I’m so glad you liked them!!!

  5. Mine came out great and did not break. I used wax paper and sprayed it with non stick cooking spray. They came right off after a few minutes of cooling time.

  6. Thanks for sharing Amy!! Great to know that you used non stick spray!

  7. I just did some using Brach’s on non-stick Renalds Wrap and it worked great! Now to just get some cooking done so I have something to put on them ;-)

  8. Cheryl, thank you for sharing your tip. So glad they worked for you. Happy baking.

  9. I really don’t know what GFS is?

  10. i was wondering, i went to a christmas party last night and she had made a peppermint tray. i asked her how did she keep it from being sticky. she didnt. of course it’s not dishwarsher safe or getting wet at all for that matter. i was wondering….to keep it longer, what about shellacing it. would that keep it longer? i guess you could eat the tray after you got using it..? LOL

  11. May I ask how you made the hole for the hook without cracking them? I would like to make these with the kids this weekend, and use them as Christmas Tree ornaments. Thanks!

  12. Hi Kathy, GFS stands for Gordon Food Service. It’s a restaurant supply store.

  13. Hi Julie, I pushed a round little metal, cake decorating tool down in the ornament while it was still warm. Hope that helps.

  14. Debra, let me know if you end up shellacking one and how that works for you. Eating theas been the only option at this point.:)

  15. Did you cut out the heart shape as soon as you took out of oven? These would be great for Valentine’s Day. Can’t wait to try them.

  16. Laurie, Yes I cut them right when they got out of the over. The metal cookie cutter got hot really fast, so watch your fingers.
    I did some of these for Valentine’s Day…they are very cute! Thanks for your comment!!

  17. Thank you for posting instructions!! Looks like something fun to do with my teenage boys that’s different. I may try green and red mints. I bet that’ll be cute!!

  18. Thank you for your comment Lori!! What a fun project with your boys…green and red sounds pretty!!

  19. justlovinit says:

    Just tried these, some notes I made… I indeed used silpats( worth every penny on them for many sticky cookies and candies) they came off perfect,
    I oiled my cutter…
    I pressed down after it sat for a minute out of the oven,,, and then placed it on a granite counter top ( but a marble cutting board would work too) to cool it a bit faster
    I forgot the holes in some so I heated a metal skewer and it went right through ( just in case you make the same mistake….
    I use Dollar tree mints… they melted beautifully ….
    Thanks for the great Idea!! I will use these on my cookie trays!! I have shrink wrap to place around them

  20. Thank you for all the great tips! Love the silpat idea!