How to host a pinterest party

Have you heard about Pinterest Parties? They are quickly becoming very popular.

I decided to put together some simple information on how to host your own party.

How to host a Pinterest Party

They are super fun and easy!! You just need to decide on which type of party you are going to have.

You might consider a crafting party, a cooking party,  a dinner party or a combo.

At a dinner/ cooking party, everyone brings a pinned recipe or you cook a recipe together.

Here’s some basic information on hosting a Pinterest craft party.

1. First determine the Pinterest Party location.

– make sure you have enough table crafting space and outlets if you need them for glueguns.

2. Send out some e-vites, a facebook invitation or simply contact friends and family who might be interested in making a

“Pinterest Inspired Project.”

3. Invite the ladies to look over the pinned crafting ideas on your Pinterest craft Board.

-Perhaps you could even set up a board specifically for the party.

– invite the ladies to pin their favorite ideas to the party board.

– Have the host pick the idea:

At the next party we do, I’d love to paint the folowing from Dollar Store Trays and have the ladies pick

something we’ll do while these are drying.

Source: via Bargain on Pinterest


Other options-

– Have the host pick 2 favorite ideas and the ladies decide which one they want to make from the two choices

– Have the ladies leave comments and vote on the different pins they are interested in making.

– The pin with the most comments/ votes becomes the craft project that you all will make.

–  pick the top two voted  projects or let everyone decide on their own individual project.

5. How the supplies are purchased

– Each person brings their own supplies.

– The other way to do this is have the ladies pay the host upfront and she provides the project materials.

– Another idea, the host provides the materials and the ladies pay once they get to the party.

6. Pick a few ladies to be in charge of snacks. Rotate this for each party.

– How about letting everyone bring whatever Pinned recipe they want.

– Pinterest inspired food and drinks make the party complete!!!.


7. Final ingredient- Have fun!!!!

Here’s an example of Daily Grommet’s Pinterest Party.

Here’s some pic’s of our craft parties. At the time they weren’t called Pinterest Parties, but

that’s what they pretty much were..





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