diy Paper Flower wreath:: Dahlia

These paper flower wreaths are so pretty!! This would be a fun diy project for Mother’s Day and

very budget friendly. Visit the links that are below each photo for the how to directions.

All you need is your favorite paper, a cardboard round and some glue.


  Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.09.52 PM

Photo Source: Love Pomegranate House

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.20.46 PM

Photo Source: Stars and Sunshine
Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 11.23.59 PM


Check out these other paper flower ideas. Click Here 

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  1. Gorgeous, Rene’! And yay for not being complicated to put together. :)

  2. Hi BT!!
    Thank you for the comment!!

  3. Wow this is so beautiful my favorite flower. When I lived up north my yard was filled with all the colors of the rainbow. I will have to make one of these. Thanks for the inspiration. !!

  4. Hi Linda, Thank you so much for visiting BH and for your sweet comment!
    Your yard sounded beautiful!

  5. Hi, I Love these paper flowers and I am trying to make one but I am having a really hard time rolling the paper to it look as good as yours and to make them all uniform! Please help with some guidance.
    Thank you

  6. I love your flowers, they are so beautiful!

  7. Hi Debbie-
    Click on the link where it says – Love Pomegranate House she has more tips and info :)