Vintage watch jewelry

vintage watch faces

Warning all you crafty Mama’s: Don’t throw away old watch parts.

Vintage watch parts have found their way onto some really fun

and unique jewelry.

If you are interested in purchasing

any of these wonderful pieces simply click

the store link.

vintage watch necklace

source: Flockshopia

Vintage watch jewelry Beaded Bracelet source: etsy shop here

vintage dial bracelet

vintage dial bracelet source: Etsy shop Divinelguana

old watch face jewelry

vintage watch faces

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  1. says

    I like these! I have a little round metal container with a clear lid that has a few old watch parts in it and they are fascinating. I might have to raid the box and craft up a necklace : )

  2. jo says

    I have a very sweet old watch that I just love that I bought at of all places a yard sale. No one wears watches anymore. Love the use of these old time pieces.

  3. says

    Hi Rene’,
    Thx again for your sweet reply on my post.

    Oh, no! Don’t tell me not to throw stuff away…I’m trying to learn to do that more! I keep stuff b/c I always think, “Well, I could use that for ______.” I’m trying to get better, though. 😉

    How are you doing your graphics? Adobe Illustrator? They are very nice. I would like to do something more unique for my blog page.