We’re in Better Homes and Gardens!! WHAT?!?

Better Homes and Gardens Holiday Craft Magazine

Can somebody pinch me?? Yes, we were blessed to be in the Better Homes and Gardens 2013 Holiday craft magazine!! I still can’t believe it!!

If you are interested, it’s on the news stands right now.

Look at Page 64-66.



They selected some trees that were fashioned from old sweaters. Good thing I didn’t get rid of those!!

Here is the original post about the trees. I made 3 of the trees for $1.00. If you look at the original post you’ll see some green trees along with blue sweater trees. BHG wanted what they saw in the picture, but I didn’t have the green ones. Oh, no….what’s a girl to do when BHG comes knocking and you don’t have what they want??  I told them I thought I had some replacements.

Thankfully, I located the cream colored sweater trees after digging around in the basement and sent those in their place which they liked as well. Phew!!



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  1. beetree says

    Congratulations- that’s so exciting, René! You always have cute crafty things to share, I’m so glad you’re getting to share with even more people. :) xoxo