Vintage Campers: restore an old camper

  Are you a Happy you enjoy spending vacation time camping??? I wasn't always a

Happy Camper even though I was surrounded by trailers and motor homes at my dads

dealership. I didn't really develop a love for camping until our son was little and we took

him camping.... he loved it, and so did we. It is such a great way to get away from the TV,

cellphone and computer and spend quality time together. Today I see a real trend toward

vintage campers. Many people are buying old 50's and 60's style campers and restoring them

to look new.  If you are interested in restoration, there are "how to restore a vintage

camper groups" on the internet. Be sure and check out my other site 

If you were to own a vintage camper what would be your style? Would you love a vintage Shasta???

1956 Shasta

What a beautifully restored interior!

How about this Red Shasta??



Maybe a pink shasta is more your style….. The husbands would love this!!! (Photos from Flickr)

Wouldn’t it be fun to have this cute little vintage Shasta pull up to your special event and serve you sweet little delightful deserts?? That is what Enjoy Cupcakes does out in California….what a sweet idea!!


Look at this cute as can be gourmet vintage snowcone shop on wheels called Fresher than Fresh!! What awesome gourmet flavors!!




 Check out this cute 1957 Corvette…

What an adorable interior!!



How about this 1962 Turnpike ?? It is actually for sale right now at Tin Can Classifieds for $4,500.





Check out this Airstream 1963 Globetrotter…




1963 16′ Bambi Airstream


If you are into new retro you can buy a brand new Shasta today!!.. Retails at over $20,000.0




How about tooling around in the VW Camper Van…




I could go  on, but here’s the last one I’ll show…it’s a vintage teardrop… they are remaking them new today.

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  1. says

    Love this post! I am in the middle of restoring a late 60’s-early 70’s Frolic and I’m having a blast doing it. I have a lot of work left to do but I’m gaining. If you’d like to see it visit my blog and search for the “Pink Paradise”. Thanks for the inspiration to carry on!

  2. Jessica Grant says

    My husband and I just bought our first vintage trailer!! It is a 1958 14 foot Ken Craft. I am so inspired by all of the great ideas I have seen!! They are making me so excited to make it the way we want :) Just one question though. Where do people go to get the metal imprinted backsplashes made?? I Love the idea and want to do it, but don’t know where to go get it. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Jessica Grant says

    Thank you so much for the quick response!! One more quick question….Looks like aqua laminate for the table and countertops is hard to find. Any suggestions?? Thanks again!!

  4. jeff broy says

    Cool site!!! Want to fix old camper for my son in wheel chair so we can go to car shows. Still looking for one. thanks jeff

  5. Cynthia says

    Wonderful campers….will be looking seriously for my retirement home!! Please send me updates and places to go….thanks for sharing.

    cynthia in summerland

  6. krkt says

    i am so ready to simplify life, and make one of these cuties, a permanent residence, if you have information, as to where this is possible, I would appreciate it. unlimited stay places etc. seems i am not searching it right on web.
    What a great site you have, safe journies!


  7. Reese says

    I have been looking for a vintage trailer with a bathroom. Any ideas? Any suggestions?
    I know I could not have exhausted the internet… That can not be possible.
    Thank you for your time.

  8. says

    new to this! just bought a 1969 nomad camper love love it been doing a little fixing but have a long way to go. your site will be helpful thanks

  9. says

    Loved the interior show of the ’61 Bambi! We were looking to do something similar to do with our ’64 Bambi II and were interested in knowing if you had any other pictures of the interior layout?

  10. Jennifer Roy says

    We have a 64 Shasta. We bought it from the original owners. Everything in it is still in mint condition. We love camping in our “Jolene”

  11. tammy says

    we have a Shasta camper it appears to be a 1958. we bought it and the people said title was in the drawer it wasn’t and we cannot find the v.i.n. so far they haven’t gotten back to us about the title. need help locating v.i.n

  12. says

    You’ll have to go to the state and get a duplicate title and have the people you bought the camper from sign off.
    Look at the front window for the vin or go to my other site and look at the contact info I have in my right side bar.
    people who redo old Shasta’s will help you locate the vin.

  13. says

    Also, check on the outside of the camper and try and locate a small plate. It might be wore off.
    Put a piece of paper over the plate and rub a pencil back and forth to expose the vin number.


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