Glamping : glamorous camping!

Ok, so I might be throwing out my bargain hoot ways on this next post….but I just had to share.

Have you heard of Glamping???  Tour companies and resorts are now starting to offer glamorous camping…or luxurious camping around the world. Check out this fun to look at website called go Glamping. …’ll find yurts, safari tents, tipis, Airstream caravans and a lot more!!! These campsites are unlike any you’ve ever seen.  Some of the resorts come fully equipped with luxurious beds, sheets and even butlers. This is for the family that doesn’t  like camping, would never go camping but wants to expose themselves and their children to nature without roughing it! It’s also for someone like me who enjoys camping but would enjoy it even more at my age with a spectacular setting, a comfortable bed and a personal chef to make my meals….sign me up!!! :)…hey, I guess it’s for anyone who can pay the price!!

Photo from Paws Up Resort in Montana …Here is one of their video’s….

Ok, something is not right here, that tent looks better than my master bedroom!! :)

Look at Sweden’s most primitive hotel…this is one among 12 eco lodge huts….would you pay to stay there???

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