Food Storage Lies Debunked and emergency food kits

When Jodi and Julie began thinking about food storage they realized there were certain ideas in their head that held them back from really going forward in the building process of their long term food storage. Read these different Lies debunked by jodi and julie.

Check out their info page and video where they share how to put together a  72 hr. food emergency kit for each member of the family.

Here’s the last post I did on the awesome food storage boxes you can buy that totally bring organization to your shelves!

Here is the intro to the babysteps program for long term food storage that Jodi and Julie conduct at Food storage made easy.

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  1. Cera says

    I just wanted to thank you for featuring Jodi & Julie on your site with a post. I’ve been fumbling about trying to figure out how to create an “emergency” food storage for my husband and I with truly no idea on how to go about doing it. Now I’ve started the Baby Steps program and I’m really having fun getting serious. Thanks again!