Wholesale price on bakers twine

 Do you love the look of bakers twine?

Have you been wanting to use it on your packages

since you saw Martha using it years ago?

Why not stock up now for your special Christmas gifts and treats??

I don’t want to let another year go by wishing I would have bought some.

This twine is one amazing price my friend. 

Click here for info and color selection.

You get 3,400 yards of twine on one spool for $9.95. Now that might be

enough twine to last a lifetime, but it is a REALLY good price.

Hey,you could go in on it together with some other people and divide it up:)

red twine22.jpg


brown twine 22.jpg










 I feel like I’m a spokesperson for this company…trust me …I’m not!

If you are interested in smaller amounts

 …check out the different links below.

They cost more per yard, but the smaller amount with variety

might be what you are after.

Also, here’s a creative idea on how to make your

own knock off version, the frugal crafter has a video

tutorial oh her site that shows you exactly how.


Baker's Twine Sampler Pack - 15 yards of each color - 8 colors - 120 yards total

The twineryon Etsy sells beautiful twine…you can purchase the above assortment for $14.95

and receive 15 yards each…for a total of120 yards.

Red and White  Divine Twine Bakers Twine -25 Yards

Paper Souffle sells Divine twine: 25yards at $3.50 shown above….  or

36 assorted yards below for $7.00

Divine Twine Bakers Twine - Sample Pack- All 12 colors - 3 yards each --36 Yards Total- Wooden Pins Included

Have you found a better deal?? Please share it in the comments below. Thank you :)

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  1. says

    This is a great deal. Last year I bought some at Crate and Barrel for 50% off. It was a huge amount. So, I will be keeping my eyes peeled again for after Christmas sales. I fugure red and white goes with everything. Hope you are doing godd and that you have had a great summer! Love to YOU!