Chocolate candy kiss acorn treats

I spotted these cute acorn treats made from a Hershey’s Kiss, Nutter Butter bites,
and Mini chocolate chips. They were so quick and fun to put together. You should make them….

All you need are the following items:


Melt some of the mini chips in the microwave…that’s your glue. Dip the flat side of the kiss into the melted chocolate  and press it together with a Nutter Butter.   Next dip the flat side of a mini chip in melted chocolate and place it on the top centerof the nutter Butter. Let them cool so the chocolate hardens. Enjoy!

Thanks… Six in the Suburbs

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  1. Those are so cute! I will definitely have to make some of those. :-)

  2. How cute are these!! Such fun Halloween treats.

  3. ok, this is going on my grocery list today….and love the glue list you made…where do you find all this stuff?? your blog is always sooooo fun!!

  4. These are just darling! I’m going to make them to take to a party on Friday. Thanks for sharing this cute idea!

  5. Judi, everyone loves them! Hope you have fun at the party!

  6. We have been thinking alike! A few weeks ago I saw a similar acorn cookie- but with mini vanilla wafers for the tops (but nutter butters-mmmm!). I’m making these for my woodland-themed baby shower next week! May have to make some with nutter butters too! So very cute!

  7. These are adorable! Great treat idea!

  8. Thank you Glass is haf full!!

  9. Made these for the kids at Christmas and they loved them! So fun and so easy. Thanks for sharing it. :)

  10. Shar, So glad your kids loved them!! They are fun to make!!

  11. Acorn Kisses says:

    Here is the recipe. Enjoy


  12. Acorn Kisses says:

    Here it is

  13. Thanks! I’m making for Thanksgiving 2013!

  14. Yeah, Dana!! Enjoy!!

  15. I saw these at an open house recently. They were the same as yours, but had a piece of a curvy pretzel held on by the chocolate. It looked like a little stem.

  16. Carolyn….those sound really cute! Wish I could see a pic…

  17. My daughter’s class will be assembling these Tuesday at their Thanksgiving Feast. I bought little condiment cups with lids and filled them with chocolate frosting for sticking the parts together. I thought that would be easier then melting chocolate at school! We are using craft sticks to spread the frosting and then we can just toss them when were done. A craft, a dessert, a learning experience all in one. Doesn’t get much better then that. Happy Thanksgiving everyone :0)

  18. Hi Aileen, what fun memories you brought to my mind. I use to love helping with my son’s Thanksgiving feast at his school.
    What a perfect idea for a craft/dessert. I hope the frosting holds…it sounds delish! Someone else commented about using a piece of pretzel for the stem.


  1. […] looked so easy & super fun. I actually combined two similar recipes – they are here & here. They were super easy to make, tasted good (chocolate & nilla wafers – what’s not […]

  2. Acorn Treats says:

    […] perfect for Thanksgiving.  They’re so easy to make and, of course, delicious! Source: via Chelsea {twotwentyone} on Pinterest The image I pinned is from Rene’ from Bargain Hoot, […]