Little Christmas craft tour


 It was so much fun making Christmas decorations this year. 2011

The craft club really helped motivate me.

 It really is much more fun gathering with friends and family when you’re creating..

It might be candy making or cooking baking…the main thing is being together.

….Here are a few photo’s of the homefront this year……  You’ll notice the coffee filter wreaths

we made, along with some cone trees :)

Christmas bulb tree


I had some extra bulbs left over from the blub wreath making event, so I decided to just

shape them on a plate….so simple….just hotglue them together if you want to keep the shape.

The decorations aren’t anything fancy

Christmas woodland decorations


In the family room the focus was on doves….. I like the symbol of doves and peace.

creative christmas decorations




I just drew a dove and wrote peace with white liquid shoe polish. It ended up looking like etched glass…

so it had kind of a soft look.

easy christmas mantle


I got an old book from the cupboard and cut out some doves…then I glued them on twine…so simple.

home made christmas decorations on a budget




More doves…..

coffee filter wreath for christmas





Some stockings fashioned from sweaters……

make your own Christmas stocking


The other side of the house has the clock theme…

Vintage clock Christmas theme


Tree is similar to last year…..

Clock theme Christmas theme




Last but not least a few more cone trees …just in case you haven’t see enough of them :)…



oh… I saw this cute storefront display (below) that was arched with birch limbs…… very cute!!

I’d love to do a version of it next year!!!

So there’s the little tour….. keeping it simple and semi-homemade… plus, very low budget!!



I just linked up to Nester’s Christmas home tour…check it out when you have time!!


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