Light bulb Snowman Christmas Ornament

I saw a Light bulb Christmas Ornament on Pinterest
and thought it was the cutest little thing. So…. we
did a little craft at our ladies church brunch last week end
and made some of these recycled ornaments!

light bulb ornament

Light Bulb Ornament

I found a really cute video that shares how to make a snowman light bulb ornament.

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  1. So very cute! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful season! xoxo

  2. Thanks BT… I am.
    I’m especially enjoying the view from our window as I watch the snow fall.
    It’s such a beautiful site! xo
    Hope all is well with you and your family!

  3. Cute! I love recycled crafts – making something new out of something old. Your church ladies are blessed to have you working with them : )

  4. Mindy, I’m blessed to have worked with you xo :)